Bonnie Henry Must Stop

Meet Bonnie Henry

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Chief Health Officer of British Columbia, has proclaimed we must be kind to one another. But increasingly, this unelected and unaccountable administrator has been anything but kind to British Columbians.  The people of this province are quickly learning that, while she speaks with a soft, reassuring tone, her policies are incredibly divisive, extreme, and mean-spirited.


UPDATED on January 23, 2022

The citizens of the province of British Columbia demand that Dr. Henry STOP:

1.     STOP all Vaccine Passports, Mandates, and Restrictions
For 2+ years, we’ve all been told the science evolves and public policymaking must, too. All British Columbians now know that ANYONE can CONTRACT and SPREAD Covid-19 – whether vaccine-free, so called “fully-vaxxed”, or boosted. As a result, there is simply no reason to have a Vaccine Passport or Vaccine Mandates in BC.

2.     STOP Targeting BC Churches and other Houses of Worship

Ms. Henry must STOP enacting punitive, divisive, and unreasonable Charter-violating health regulations aimed at intimidating religious organizations across the province.  Indeed, despite evidence that few Covid cases have emerged from religious settings, Dr. Henry has targeted people of faith, even going so far as to encourage houses of worship to ban the vaccine-free.  These harmful and psychologically damaging edicts violate fundamental Charter freedoms including Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Expression.

3.     STOP Intimidating and Firing Healthcare Heroes and other Public servants

Ms. Henry must STOP intimidating, threatening, and firing thousands of healthcare heroes across the province. While other provinces have found ways to accommodate vaccine-free healthcare and public sector workers, Ms. Henry has implemented the harshest provisions, potentially firing up to 3,000 loyal, mostly union workers, and many more public sector workers.  Indeed, many of these workers have already recovered from Covid-19 infections during the first waves of the pandemic, and were more than willing to work with their employers to find alternative solutions, like rapid-tests or alternative work.   Meanwhile, others have had their legitimate medical or religious exemptions disregarded in violation of the 2004 Canadian Supreme Court decision in Binnie J. Syndicat Northcrest v Anselem.  

4. STOP Rejecting, curtailing, threatening and ridiculing medical professionals who wish to prescribe effective alternative medical treatment protocols for Covid-19.  Indeed, a growing body of scientific research suggests preventative and early outpatient protocols can be an incredibly successful alternative to vaccines.  Dr. Henry needs to trust doctors to provide care to patients and stop interfering with vaccine mandates and other edicts.

Speak out against Dr. Henry’s mean-spirited, unreasonable, and Charter-violating ‘health’ policies by politely reaching out to her at the following public email: